Free Retreats for couples & singles Weekends for Bereaved Parents

This is a weekend for bereaved couples and singles to spend some relaxed, unhurried time with other parents who understand the experience of losing a child. As we go through the weekend, we will learn from each other, pray for one another, encourage each other, and find out that we are not alone on this journey.

Come, knowing you will be surrounded by people who care, who understand, and who will pray for you. This will be a safe place, a place where we can honestly discuss our struggles, knowing we will not be judged, because every one of us has been there at one time or another. We will also share our victories, and rejoice with each other as we move along the road toward healing.

    ​None of us know how many more years we have on this earth before we are reunited with our children in Heaven.

    So, our main focus throughout the weekend will be discussing how we’re going to live while we’re waiting for that glorious reunion. We believe that we honor our children and our Lord the most through our healing, and we will be seeking to begin or to continue that healing process this weekend.

    During our group time we’ll discuss some of the practical issues that all grieving parents face

    • Those difficult dates — birthdays, anniversaries, holidays
    • Dealing with our child’s bedroom and belongings
    • Relationships with friends or family members that may be strained following the death of our child
    • Navigating how to parent our surviving children
    • Various other topics, to be chosen by you and other retreat attendees

    What does a weekend retreat look like?

    We’ll talk about our kids in Heaven and we’ll pray for each other. We’ll explore the beauty of nature around us, enjoy delicious meals together, discuss God’s presence in our grief, and form lasting bonds of friendship.

    Our time will be informal, but structured. Certainly, we will cry together … but we will also laugh together. Our times are estimates and largely determined by our session lengths.

    Our events include Friday and Saturday night lodging, as well as meals and snacks from Friday night dinner through Sunday breakfast. Attendance is limited to the first nine singles/couples who submit a completed registration form, and preference is given to those who have not attended a previous Parents’ Weekend.


    4-5:15 PM Arrival time

    5:30 pm Dinner

    7:00 pm Sharing Our Stories (Part 1)


    8:00 am Breakfast

    8:45 am Sharing Our Stories (Part 2)

    12:00 PM Lunch

    1:00 pm Sharing Our Stories (Part 3)

    3:00 pm Free Time

    5:30 pm Dinner

    7:00 Pm Topic Time


    8:00 AM Breakfast

    8:45 AM Worship and Closing Time

    10:00 AM Goodbyes