Faith-Based Support Groups for Bereaved Parents While We're Waiting retreats changle lives.

After being a part of the journey of hundreds of bereaved parents, we are confident that the work God has given us to accomplish is needed, helpful and potentially life changing. Read below some of our favorite stories and testimonials of parents that made the choice to attend a While We're Waiting retreat.

Joel’s Dad, Arkansas

The dad’s weekend retreat was an awesome time for me in so many ways! I was encouraged as a Christ follower to keep my eyes on Jesus as I wait for the glorious day that I will see Jesus and Joel. I was reminded as a father my child lives on in my heart and that is something that nobody or nothing can take away from me and this is a source of joy for me. Then I was strengthened as a man to know other men hurt like I do. It is “manly” to be honest with my ‘not so good days.’ I am part of a special brotherhood that very few men will ever know anything about. For these things and for God’s amazing love shown through WWW I am humbled and eternally grateful!

Lily’s Dad, Arkansas

For a long time after the loss of my daughter, Lily, I was convinced that if I were to speak too much about her, I would be burdening people with my grief. God knew my heart and I believed that would be enough for me to understand and handle the feelings experienced with the loss. So, sharing my story with a group of people wasn’t something I had expected to sign up to do, but apparently my wife did. During the retreat, however, I quickly learned that I had been wrong. God had put these people in front of me with their stories, and instead of feeling as if I was burdening them with my pain, I realized these people were a blessing, and were willing to put their shoulders under the weight of my loss. The collective experience of sharing, praying, and teaching each other through our own experience has created an extended family of loving people that can sympathize with me, and for that I thank God (and my wife). Now, I constantly pray for the families willing to let me into their grief, and for the children we are waiting to see. I am sure my daughter has babysitters in Heaven, and I know I am cared for on earth. The While We’re Waiting Weekend was a celebration of the many wonders of God in our lives.

Charly Faith’s Mom, Arkansas

This past weekend was the best. Everything went just as God had planned! HE is so good! Wow, the healing just keeps coming. He’s still binding up this broken heart. Even our marriage is being restored. I can’t really put it all into words. I can’t thank you enough for obeying God and loving Him through this wonderful and sorrowful storm. You are making a great difference in and for His kingdom! The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

David’s Mom, Arkansas

Amazing weekend. We were scared to death only being 7 weeks out from David’s journey to Heaven. We had been in a complete fog — emotions running wild. While others tried to help, they had not experienced our pain. But, getting here, seeing the evident love of others in our situation, and listening to everyone’s story really helped. It was heart-wrenching, but awesome evidence of God’s love for us. Being around others in similar situations (however unfortunate) really helped and blessed us.

Morgan’s Dad, Tennessee

Thanks for the opportunity to share and see hope again and to laugh together, the opportunity to form friendships and to see a bigger picture that weaves us all together.

Timmy’s Stepdad, Arkansas

As a skeptic coming in, it only took a few hours with this great group of people of God for me to realize that my family had just grown. Thank you for this amazing, healing ministry.

Ben’s Mom, Louisiana

While We’re Waiting has been an uplifting and inspirational experience. I would recommend it to all those grieving the loss of their most precious children.

Whitley’s Mom and Dad, Arkansas

We were honored to attend the very first WWW Marriage Retreat. Mary and Rex helped us to dig deeper and seek a deeper and stronger connection with each other through Christ. Marriage is all about “Ahava” love — never giving up! And after losing a child, sometimes marriages crumble. Thank you for reminding us that our marriage is worth fighting for.

Melody’s Mom, Florida

This was such a blessing. Thank you for helping us as we walk through our grief journey.

Molly’s Mom, Texas

The most wonderful, caring people you will ever meet. They will show you how living well while we’re waiting is our act of obedience to Jesus and our way to honor our child in Heaven.

Tod’s Mom, Arkansas

Losing my son has been the hardest thing I have ever had to happen in my life. I didn’t know how a parent could survive such a devastating blow-How was I going to go on without him? Then a precious www Mom sent me a sweet card, and so my grief journey changed because of her compassion for other Mommas. Because of this group I heard the cries and laughs (they do happen) of other parents going through this heartache that no one wants to ever endure. I saw other parents coping with child loss-and it gave me HOPE!! I left the Mom’s Day and the Parents Retreat with a renewed sense of Peace and beautiful new friendships. I know this group is a Godsend to me and so many others. I try to reach out to as many Moms as I can to let them know about WWW-full of people that care and understand! I will be forever grateful for that first card and for the 2 couples that answered the call to start the wonderful group. Even through their pain of child loss, they minister to others with a love and compassion like I have never seen before!! Thank you!

Brian’s Mom, Arkansas

​I was reluctant to go to the WWW Mom’s meeting. I felt I had dealt as well as I could with my son’s passing, and was ready to move on. I went mostly to support my daughter who had also recently lost her son. But then, I was astounded at how comforting it was to be with others who had suffered similarly and yet were at different places in the grieving process. It was wonderful how Jill and Janice gave us each a time to tell our story and then a time to pray for one another. The way that they conducted the whole thing was sweet and comforting. It wasn’t all sad; there was good food and laughter, in a beautiful setting that enhanced the feeling that all is well. God knows what He is doing. We came away with a strong feeling of fellowship and sisterhood. Though the road is hard, it is good to know that other pilgrims are traveling it with us. And it is especially inspiring to see how the Sullivan and Brown families have made stepping stones of their grief to reach out and help others. May God richly reward them!

Eliana’s Mom and Dad, Ohio

The WWW Weekend for Parents has touched our hearts greatly. We came very timid and left forever bonded in our hearts with so many beautiful parents on this journey.

Laurren’s Mom, Texas

I walked into this retreat feeling numb, empty, struggling with isolation and feeling disconnected from God. As the weekend came to a close, I regained my hope that there is a tomorrow and gained so much wisdom to understand that our children who are now in Heaven want us to heal and that we should never waste a storm, even as tragic as this. Such profound words that impacted me so deeply. We walked into the weekend as strangers with no many expectations, but we walked away as one large family, forever changed because of the love and grace that only comes from God. The weekend was peaceful, well structured, and every moment of the weekend seemed to refuel my soul and allow me to release so much grief and renew my relationship with Christ. What a powerful, uplifting weekend. Thank you, Brad and Jill, and thank you to all the families who held hands to pray together, laugh together, cry together, and most importantly, share our faith together to know that there is HOPE in tomorrow.